Music WithMe

Music WithMe 3.0.0

Android + iTunes wireless sync

Music WithMe is connects Android devices and iTunes wirelessly. View full description


  • Wireless sync of music
  • Discover new music
  • Works with multiple iTunes libraries


  • Slow downloads
  • Lots of international music not found

Very good

Music WithMe is connects Android devices and iTunes wirelessly.

Transferring music for Android is simple over USB. But sometimes the computer where the library is contained might not be available. Music WithMe makes transferring music from iTunes to an Android device much simpler.

Music WithMe is both a music discovery service as well as wireless syncing app. Aggregating content from a variety of online music services, users can find new music through shared songs and by their friends. Songs can be purchased online and downloaded to the phone.

There is also connectivity with any music player on the device and allows users to share songs through various social networks. Music WithMe can also search through YouTube to find related videos when discovering a new artist.

The heart of the app is the ability to wirelessly connect to iTunes and over WiFi or data connectionand download selected songs to the device. The app works in conjunction with a desktop helper that connects the two programs together. For verification, Music WithMe uses Facebook log-in to ensure the user is connecting to their music collection.

From the computer, the desktop helper uploads the library to the Music WithMe app on the phone. The entire library can be viewed and tracks can be selected. After exiting the selection menu, the app begins to download the songs to the device where the songs can be played through any music player.

The download process of Music WithMe has improved from the earlier releases. In tests, the time to upload a full library of 13 GB of songs to the device took less time. The core of Music WithMe, wirelessly syncing from iTunes to the device, works better and the transfer rate is much quicker.

Music WithMe can also connect to multiple iTunes libraries, just installing the desktop helper and verifying the connection allows the app to connect to iTunes on different computers. Music WithMe is a great app that works in a simple and friendly way.

The Music WithMe 3.0.0 update has fixed the lingering issues of the previous releases and wireless syncing is quicker. Tablet support is more stable and the only apparent limiting factor is the speed of the wireless network that the devices are connected to.

For users who are constantly mobile, Music WithMe is an impressive way to keep an entire music library right next to you.


  • Tune In/Tune Out people
  • New status page link from app
  • UI improvements on activity page
  • Fixed bugs that caused some people to experience crashes
  • Fixed problem where downloads would stop unexpectedly
Music WithMe


Music WithMe 3.0.0